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Graduate Council History

Milestones     Officers and Highlights

This Project was undertaken by Neha Keshan, Graduate Council President 2020-21. The information presented here are gathered through paper and electronic archives, discussion with various Rensselaer Members (both present and past). If you find any discrepancies, have any information, or would like to contribute in reconstruction of Rensselaer Graduate Council Heritage then please contact us on


Year 2020-21

Represented Graduate Student in a Virtual World, organized Virtual Grad Open House, RPI Union Instagram Takeover, and worked towards increasing visibility for graduate students.

Organized Weekly Grad Hour Events to strengthen the community while advocating for their needs.

Created an Ad-Hoc Committee comprising of various Department Graduate Student Council's and Graduate Student Organization's Leaders at Rensselaer

"Know Your Councilors" section on Monthly Graduate Experience Newsletter

Year 2019-20

Worked on Campus Accessibility and security concerns

Year 2018

Worked on getting Graduate Student Stipend at par with Living Costs

Year 1999

Spring '99 Graduate Council donates lounge at Voorhees Computing Center
(From an article written by Mohammad Tehrani, a Graduate Council Representative and the chair of the lounge committee)

Year 1996-97

Tree Donations
Graduate Council Comment Sheet

Year 1989

Graduate Education Task Force in May'89

Year 1988

Rensselaer Graduate Center Proposal submitted by Graduate Council to Dr. Gary Judd on 20th Oct'88

Year 1975

First Graduate Students Survey

Year 1953

The Polytechnic Article published on April 15th 1953 informing the formation of Graduate Council

Thank you to our alumni Don Burgio‘89 for pointing us to this article.


Officers and Highlights

Year 2020-21

Position Name Councilor Type
President Neha Keshan Senator
Vice President Sagar Bhatt Representative
Secretary Gretchen Clark Representative
Treasurer Kristoff McIntosh Representative
Member-at-large, Appointed to E-Board Donovan Weiblen Representative
Wellness Chair Zachary Barringer Senator
ISSS Representative Tasnif Rahman Senator
Graduate Student Task Force representative Genevieve Kane Representative
School of Architecture Representative Kiedric Berry Representative
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science Representative Alexander Lutsevich Senator
Representative on Senate's WebTech Committee Karan Bhanot Senator
Representative on the Senate's Student Life Committee Isha Shah Senator
Black Graduate Student Association Representative on Graduate Council Lucky Yerimah Representative


Year 2019-20

Position Name Councilor Type
President Lauren Gandy Senator
Vice President Audrey Beard Senator
Secretary Neha Keshan Senator
Treasurer Josephine Lyons Representative
Member-at-large, Appointed to E-Board Sagar Bhatt Representative
Events Chair Kristoff McIntosh Representative
  Chris Tang Senator
  Aaron Ouellette Senator
  Evelyn Rugaber Senator
  Ezra Teboul Representative
  Gretchen Clark Representative
  Emily Durcan Representative
  Rahul Divekar Representative
School of Architecture Representative Kiedric Berry Representative
School of Lally Representative Eshani Trivedi Representative


Year 2000-2001

Position Name Councilor Type
President Kerry Dutkers Representative
Treasurer Colin Fredericks Representative
Secretary Mike Brown Representative
Member-at-large, Appointed to E-Board Peter Caracappa Representative
SHAC Representative Dae Yun Kim Representative
FSCC Representative Ayala Cnaan Senator
  Andrea Barreiro Senator
  Kishore Lavu Senator
  Mitch Gold Representative
  Lale Ergene-Tukenmez Representative


Year 1996-97

Position Name Councilor Type
President Burr Rutledge Senator
VP Operations (E-Board Liaison) Jackie Herron Representative
VP Communications Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Representative
Treasurer Bob Thayer Representative
Secretary Julie Byrne Representative
  Vikash Agarwal Senator
  Greg Reid Senator
  Rishi Shukla Senator
  Saber Azizi Ghennad Representative
  Devesh Mathur Representative


Committees based on Interest : Academics, Admissions, Campus Life Committee, and Career Development


Year 1994-95

Position   Name   Councilor Type
Vice Chair   Bill Wheeler   Senator
President   Karl Umstadter   Senator
Vice President   Angel Diaz   Representative
Treasurer   Joey Templin   Senator
Secretary   Kristin Delvental   Representative
E-board Liaison   Bibiche Genskens   Representative
    Bernard Derboren   Senator
    Chris Reader   Senator
    Mark Zurbunchen   Senator
    Maja Bystrom   Representative
    Cliff Maier   Representative
    John Rowzee   Representative


Year 1990-91

Position Name
President Jim Ungar
  Bill Hurley


Year 1989-90

Position Name
President J. O'Donnell
Treasurer Chris Apblett


Year 1988-89

Position Name
President Paul Siccard
Vice President Bob Downey


Year 1987-88

Position Name
President Jin O'Donnell


Year 1986-87

Position Name Councilor Type
President Nauzer Kalyaniwalla Senator
Vice President Hans Lee Representative
Treasurer Bill St. John Senator
  Bob Downey Senator
  Greg Reid Senator
  Gordon Goldberg Senator
  Wei Lee Senator
  Paul Sicard Senator
  Saber Azizi Ghennad Representative
  Audrey Engelsberg Representative
  Jim O' Donell Representative
  Mary Beth Raven Representative
  Henry Welch Representative


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