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Stefanie Warner

Hi, RPI! I was honored to have served the student body as the 153rd Grand Marshal and the Chair of the 49th Student Senate. During my term as Grand Marshal, I worked to advocate for all students and to address issues that affect minority demographics. I originally joined student government because—honestly—a friend told me to. I have to say, it was the best decision I had made during my tenure at RPI because I had the opportunity to improve the daily lives of my fellow students and future students.

Before my term as Grand Marshal, I served as the Student Government Communications Committee (SGCC) Chairperson—a joint committee of the Executive Board and the Student Senate. This committee acts as the bridge of information between student government and the student body and strives to deliver information in the most palatable and efficient way. During my term as Chair, the committee focused on improving accessibility to information by creating a new Instagram account, designing templates for more consistent updates, and graphic standards to better brand student government. 

Previously, I also served as an Independent Senator on the 48th Student Senate. As Independent Senator, it is was my responsibility to represent and speak on behalf of non-Greek students voice the opinions of my constituents. As the only architecture student within Senate—at the time—my primary focus was to better represent niche majors by advocating for better academic support. Along with my focus academics, I also actively sought out increased transparency and accountability within student government through collaboration between the Executive Board and the Student Senate. 

Prior to my Senate experience, I spend three years on the 2018 Class Council holding numerous positions such as Senior Week Chair, Director of Public Relations, Secretary, and Representative. Outside of student government, I was a member of the RPI Softball Team and mentored younger architecture student-athletes, served as Co-President of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), joined the Photography Club, and got the chance to attend myriad events as a Union Photographer.

Before RPI? I grew up on Long Island, NY where we have the best bagels—hands down, no competition—and the accents are entertaining. I spent a lot of my time with my family (namely my dog, Brody), playing sports, doing photography, and avoiding homework. I’ve always enjoyed being involved around my community and I’m happy that carried over to RPI!