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Audrey Beard

Hi, I’m Audrey! I’m a third-year graduate student in the Computer Science department. I study computer vision and machine learning, and I’m currently focused on semantically-consistent scene representation, critical analysis of computer vision mechanisms, model interpretability and representation, and creative applications of machine learning.

I joined the Graduate Council to work for graduate students and workers in administration advocacy, events planning, and Student Senate representation. In addition to Graduate Council, I am a member of the Student Senate, where I make noise about issues plaguing graduate students, sexual and gender minorities, and students coming from low-income families. I also actively participate in the Facilities and Services Committee and the Student Sustainability Task Force, striving to make Rensselaer a carbon-neutral institution that works for people of all abilities and means.

After Rensselaer, I hope to build creative computational vision tools and advocate for culturally-aware and agency-preserving machine learning systems.