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Nate Sullivan

I am very excited to serve as the Student Senate - Executive Board Liaison and Union Annual Report Committee Chair! This is my second year involved in Student Government: my second year on the Executive Board of the Union and my first year as an Officer of the Student Senate. During my freshman year, I served as the Class of 2022 Representative on the Executive Board, a position that brought with it the responsibility to represent a group of clubs on a regular basis, both during budgeting and at weekly meetings. I also joined the Union Annual Report Committee, where I served as the Vice Chairman, assisting the Chairwoman in leading a team to prepare the report summarizing the Executive Board’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budgeting outcome along with a recap of the Union over the past year.

Outside of Student Government, I am an Engineering Ambassador, where I can continue to grow my passion for education by teaching young students in the area about different facets of engineering and hopefully inspire them to also be passionate about STEM. I am also involved with Engineers Without Borders, where I now serve as the treasurer. In this role, I am helping to enforce better financial practices and increase the financial stability of our club so that we can best aid the world and local community through our engineering outreach projects.