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Meagan Lettko

My name is Meagan, and I am currently serving you as your 154th Grand Marshal. I previously served as your Vice Grand Marshal, and I served the Class of 2020 as a Senator for two years. I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student and play on the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team (#letsgored)! I grew up far, far away (20 minutes) from RPI in Averill Park, NY, and some of my favorite hobbies include cheering on RPI sports teams, drinking coffee, watching dog videos, and power napping.

Outside of student government, I participate in research for the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS), I am a part of the Sole Survivors club, and I have been a student ambassador for admissions. Through all of my involvements, I feel that I have a deep understanding of the diverse groups that make up our RPI community.

My student government experience started in the spring semester of my freshman year. After adjusting to college life and my academic/athletic schedule, I decided to look for other ways to get involved in the campus community. In an effort to represent my class and make a lasting impact, I served as a Class of 2020 Senator. As a Senator, I served on the Facilities and Services Committee, where I contributed to proposals for sustainability on campus such as composting, and on the Internal Reforms Committee, where I strived to improve the accessibility of the Student Senate to the campus at large and create a comprehensive guide for new Senators.

In my sophomore year, I was re-elected as Class of 2020 Senator. I decided to look for ways to expand my knowledge of student government and become more involved in committee work. Committee work is one of the most important aspects of the Student Senate. Committees work on projects brought forth by the student body and have the ability to make a lasting change on our campus. For this reason, I applied to serve as Vice Grand Marshal (VGM). The responsibilities of the VGM include overseeing all of the Senate committees (woohoo!), monitoring petitions, and filling in for the Grand Marshal when needed. This seemed like the perfect role for what I was looking for.

As VGM, I interacted with committees at their weekly meetings, and, when I could not attend, I corresponded through email and at cabinet meetings. At these meetings, I participated in discussion and assisted with projects to the best of my ability. I worked to understand current projects and long-term goals while encouraging collaboration across different committees and projects.

During my tenure as VGM, I also headed the Arch Task Force. This task force was created during the 48th Student Senate to communicate student concerns to the Arch leadership group. During my time with this task force, I grew the membership, tackled important issues such as student housing during the Arch, surveyed the student body, worked closely with the Director of the Arch to communicate student concerns, increased communication through LMS, and planned a forum for sophomore students to learn about getting internships and co-ops. The Arch Task Force is also focusing on helping all bodies of student government run over the Arch term in order to accommodate the junior class. More recently, the group started discussing and advocating for Greek live-in housing during the Arch.