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Matt Zapken Counselor to the President

My name is Matthew Zapken, and I am a Senior majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. Over my past few years, I have participated in many clubs. Going into my senior year I will be participating in Club Tennis, as well as being an active member of our Jewish organization Hillel. This year I will also be taking an active role in the newly funded Holocaust Remembrance Committee. In this past year, I was very active in many of our Executive Board Committees, including Club Operations and our Ad-Hoc Policies Committee. This year, in addition to being a member of a large representative, I will also be the Parliamentarian. It is my responsibility as Parlimentatrian to maintain the order of our meetings as well as the polices that both the Executive Board and our clubs follow. Overall my main goal for this year is to gain input from our multitude of clubs into how we can best modify our policies to best suit our club's needs.