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Graduate Council

Welcome to the Home Page of Rensselaer Graduate Council!

The Graduate Council is the graduate legislative branch of the Union. It is a body of elected students which represents all graduate students in university affairs and organizes various social events to promote interaction among students.

The Graduate Council works to instill a sense of community in a diverse group of students - divided by their field of research and united by their passion for solving some of the biggest problems of the 21st century that will address the urgent issues of today and the emerging issues of tomorrow. The Graduate Council works to support initiatives that positively impact graduate student life and speaks out against initiatives that infringe on graduate student rights and/or make life harder for graduate students at Rensselaer.


Its voting membership shall consist of the six Graduate Senators and six representatives elected at large. There are additional seats reserved for a representative of the Black Graduate Student Association and for representatives from schools unrepresented after elections. It shall be presided over by the President of the Graduate Council. The current President of the Graduate Council, serving for the 2021-22 term, is Zachary Barringer.

Graduate Council 2020-21



To stay up-do-date with Graduate events please subscribe to our google calendar. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to improve the graduate life at Rensselaer, feel free to reach out at or use our anonymous form!


Governing Documents

The Graduate Council is governed by several documents including:

Rensselaer Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Council History

A project to demonstrate the work of Graduate Council based on our records and research from its inception to date