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UC Bylaws Amendment - Electronic Voting

April 3, 2019 | Undergraduate Council | Action #2

I move that the Undergraduate Council amend the bylaws by:

  • Adding the follow Article VII: Legislation, so it reads:

    Section 4: Voting Procedure
    1. Voting shall be conducted either electronically or in person.
  • Modify Article XV: Class Appointments by striking the word “two” and replacing it with “one” so it reads:

    Section 1: Class Appointments
    1. Vacancies in any Representative, Senator, Officer, or Committee Chair position, with the exception of the Class President and Vice President, shall be filled with a member of their Class appointed by their Council.
      1. Such vacancies must be advertised to the Class for at least two weeks one week before they may be filled.  


So Moved By

Ben Longchamp

And Seconded By

Lisa Sulmasy

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