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RBLX Requests/Diversity and Inclusion

July 30, 2020 | Student Senate | Action #1


WHEREAS the murder of George Floyd and ongoing civil rights movement that followed have rekindled a community-wide effort of improving diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism within our campus community;

WHEREAS the RPI Administration and the Student Union continue to recognize the deep racial injustices in our nation and the exploitation of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous lives that built Rensselaer’s history; and

WHEREAS The Rensselaer Black & LatinX Student Coalition (RBLX) has made public requests to RPI administration on June 30th, 2020;

The Rensselaer Union 51st Student Senate hereby RESOLVES:

  1. To endorse the requests to the RPI administration presented by The Rensselaer Black & LatinX Student Coalition,

  2. To urge the Dean of Students office to recognize "racist acts" as grounds for disciplinary action in the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights & Responsibilities,

  3. To overcome Student Government’s various biases by instituting implicit bias training for elected and appointed Student Government representatives at the start of their term, and

  4. To better represent minority students within Student Government by increasing outreach to underrepresented students and student groups.

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