Web Technologies Group (WTG)

Chair: Sidney Kochman ’19
Chair e-mail: kochms@rpi.edu

Meeting Time: Contact Chair
Meeting Location: Web Tech Group Office, Union Student Government Suite

WTG brings together like-minded individuals to collaborate on the creation and maintenance of useful web applications.  Its members are dedicated to exploring challenging projects and providing electronic services, such as open-source software, for general use.

Web Technologies serves as a technological Senate committee, assisting other committees in their efforts as necessary, and creating and maintaining critical student services.

Recent Project Releases:

  • RPI PetitionsAn easy-to-access digital petition system promoting a stronger student voice and collaborative community activism.  RPI students may create and sign petitions to gain support for their issues, causes, or ideas. Created in collaboration with Rules and Elections and RIT Student Government  Released March 18, 2015.
  • Campus Facilities Feedback FormA web feedback service that allows students to readily report issues with facilities on campus, such as labs or classrooms. This project was completed in collaboration with the Facilities and Services Committee.
  • Shuttle TrackingReplacement of defunct tracking systems for the Rensselaer Red Hawk shuttles, ensuring the currently-employed utility is up to date.  Completed in Fall 2014
  • Concerto 2.0Upgrades to Web Technologies’ digital signage platform Concerto.
  • Flagship 3.0Upgrades to Student Government’s official document hosting system.

WebTech Services Projects:

  • ConcertoRPI’s digital signage platform, now adopted in many professional settings nationwide. Allows for easy advertising and promotion of student events and programs.
  • Shuttle TrackingA convenient one-stop location to track the progress of all Red Hawk shuttles and more readily plan student schedules.
  • Flagship DocsStudent Government’s primary source for documentation hosting, storage, and archiving.

Additional Info: Knowledge of coding is helpful but not necessary to get involved. Web Tech members can teach you what you need to know!