Union Annual Report Committee (UAR)

Chair: Tommy Alappat
E-mail: alappt@rpi.edu

Meeting Time: Thursdays 6 PM
Meeting Location: Student Government Suite

The UAR Committee works between the Student Senate and the Executive Board to publish a concise, yearly report summarizing the budget of the Rensselaer Union and its sponsored clubs and organizations.  The report also communicates the roles of the Rensselaer Union and the process of determining the Activity Fee for Undergraduate and Graduate students.  The committee’s goal is to publicize the report and all Union developments and operations to the student body.

The Union Annual Report Committee is a joint committee with the Student Senate and is tasked with producing the Union Annual Report. Each year, the committee improves and updates the existing UAR framework to reflect the Executive Board budgeting process. After publishing the UAR, this committee communicates its contents with the student body at large.

Check out the Union Annual Report Landing page on the Rensselaer Union Website for quick budgeting facts and the committee’s annual UAR publication.

Current Projects:

  • Union Annual Report FY16 — The annual financial and operational report detailing the Activity Fee Recommendation and budget for Fiscal Year 2016. Passed February 12, 2015.
  • Activity Fee Recommendation to the Student Senate — Activity Fee recommendation developed based on Executive Board budgeting process. Passed February 12, 2015 following reconsideration.
  • Union Website Finances Tab — Expansion of the Rensselaer Union website to detail overview of the Union Annual Report and associated budget.
  • “Where does my money go?” publication — Publicly viewable and accessible breakdown of Rensselaer Union budget and budgetary process.

Additional Info:
According to the Senate Bylaws, the Union Annual Report Committee is a joint committee of the Senate and Executive Board, and is chaired by the Senate-Executive Board Liaison, an Executive Board Representative appointed by the Grand Marshal and approved by the Student Senate.