Student Life Committee (SLC)

Chair: Justin Etzine ’18

Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 6 PM
Meeting Location: Student Government Suite, Union 3120

Mission statement: “To promote student rights, well-being, and life quality by supporting existing causes in these areas among the student body and collaborative effort to improve the student experience.”

This versatile committee collaborates with administration and various student organizations to alleviate student rights issues and enhance student rights through initiatives and policy discussion. The Student Life Committee oversees three subcommittees: Counseling Center Subcommittee, On-Campus Pharmacy Subcommittee, and Union Food Vendors Subcommittee. Committee membership is open to all RPI students, and participation is highly encouraged. If you are interested in participating, contact the committee chairman to be added to the mailing list!

Current Projects:

  • Counseling Center Recommendations — Lead by Nathan Dorer ’18 ( — Over the past six months, students have been making great suggestions for additions and improvements for the Counseling Center at RPI. This subcommittee is tasked with distilling the stories and ideas from individual student accounts into suggestions to be provided directly to the Counseling Center. This subcommittee will directly communicate with the Counseling Center and the Student Health Center.
  • On-Campus Pharmacy — Lead by Mary Clare Crochiere ’19 ( — Continuation of ongoing Pharmacy Project. With a project that has been in progress for a few terms, this subcommittee aims to bring either a prescription delivery service or an on-campus pharmacy to campus so that students can receive their prescribed pharmaceuticals from the convenience and simplicity of an on-campus location. This subcommittee will be coordinating logistics for possible means of implementation, conducting research to find the most feasible courses of action, and collaborate with the Health Center to bring the project to fruition.
  • Study Spaces — Lead by Nancy Bush ’19 ( — RPI’s Class of 2020 introduced over 1,700 new students to campus. As a result, the campus has had to adjust to fit the larger class size, such as converting North Hall and E-Complex to first-year housing and utilizing more class spaces for each time block. This subcommittee is looking into the current state of study spaces available on campus and creating a plan of action to ensure that as many study spaces are available to students on campus as possible. SLC is also collaborating with the Facilities and Services Committee to discuss potential physical additions to campus to provide students additional locations to study.
  • Capital District Shuttle Service — As the pilot program continues for the 2016–17 school year, this project is working with Auxiliary Services to discuss potential logistics for a future permanent introduction of the mall shuttle program. This proposal begins with weekend service to Crossgates Mall, with potential expansion to other locations based on popularity. SLC is also collaborating with the Web Technologies Group to develop an application for Auxiliary Services that allows students to sign up for special shuttles conveniently online.
  • Access and Security Recommendations — Continuing from the proposal from last semester, SLC is communicating with the RPI administration to discuss the recommendations proposed. Recommendations for campus security included a gradual expansion plan for Residence Hall access and security measures for Residence Halls to prevent further intrusion.
  • Union Food Vendors — Students have expressed interest in pursuing new and different food options on campus, especially in the Union. This project consists of surveying student interests, researching what is possible, and interfacing with the relevant bodies and individuals to determine what solutions can be achieved.
  • Preferred Names  After successful collaboration with the Registrar’s Office during last term, the ability for students to register their preferred names for non-legal purposes will be fully integrated by the end of the Fall 2016 Semester. Forms are expected to be available from the Registrar by the end of September 2016.

Past Projects:

  • Inclement Weather Policy Recommendations — The recommendations, which were submitted to the Dean of Students Office and the Administration Division, included ensuring that professors cancel class when the campus is closed for inclement weather and a suggestion for when the campus is closed for a day, it remains closed throughout the day.
  • Printers and Wireless Recommendations — Recommendations for printer locations and new routers in specific high-density Residence Halls based on the 2014-2015 Senate Residence Hall Report.
  • Excused Absence Policy Revisions — Revisions prioritizing flexibility, the student-faculty relationship, and student input into the final decision.  Pursued under 44th Student Senate. Led by Kyle Keraga ’15. Officially adopted by the Dean of Students Office as of Fall 2014.
  • On-Campus Prescriptions Proposal — Start of ongoing pharmacy project.  Proposal detailing options for establishment of a prescription delivery service or on-campus pharmacy.  Pursued under 44th Student Senate.
  • Flat-Rate Taxi Agreement — Proposal recommending a flat-rate agreement with local cab companies.  Pursued under 44th Student Senate.
  • RPI Votes 2012 — Voter registration and information drive in collaboration with Alpha Phi Alpha, College Democrats, and Community Advocates.  Students were registered to vote in New York or their home state. Debates and Election Results were live-streamed.  Pursued under 43rd Student Senate.  Over 600 students registered to vote.
  • Rensselaer Study Network Proposal — Proposal for an academic-oriented social network into SIS and LMS. Pursued under 43rd Student Senate. Received by dotCIO and deferred to Web Technologies Group.
  • Residence Hall Report and Recommendations — A comprehensive report and set of recommendations for future renovation of the Residence Halls. Now adopted by the Rensselaer Administration Division, and Department of the Chief Information Officer as a guiding document for long-term renovations.
  • Handbook of Student Rights — (SRPC) — Evaluation of changes involving Sexual Misconduct Policy and Good Samaritan Policy.