Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

Chair: Varun Rao ’18

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 5 PM
Meeting Location: SGS Library

AAC fosters discussion with students, faculty, and administration to encourage new ideas that enhance the academic experience. It also collaborates with, and raises awareness of, various academic services and service groups. Academic Affairs also serves as the Student Senate’s chief connection to the Faculty Senate.

Current Projects: 

  • Career Fair — Swap the Columbus Day institute holiday so that the fall Career Fair is a day off instead.
  • Academic Dishonesty — Looking into the issue of Academic Dishonesty on campus.
  • Poly Editor Class Credit — Looking into the possibility of getting class credit for editors of the Poly.


Past Projects:

  • Research Development — Creation of a one-stop online location to view past research projects, ongoing research efforts, and available research positions open for application. Supported by the Faculty Senate.
  • Course Syllabi Collection — An online collection of all course syllabi for the upcoming semester, encouraging smarter course selection. Endorsed by the Faculty Senate.
  • Academic Representatives — Creation of a permanent, standing system for student representation within the various academic schools.
  • Drop Deadline Investigation — Analysis of the timing of the course drop deadline in comparison to exam timing and assignment deadlines.
  • ALAC Promotion — Promotion of the academic support services provided by the Advising Learning and Assistance Center.
  • Faculty Senate Project Pipeline — Development of a cohesive and direct workflow for projects initiated by students to gain Faculty Senate support.