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Hello RPI!

I hope you all are finishing strong with your final projects, assignments, and exams! I know I’m excited for summer to finally arrive.

In between studying for finals, I have gone through the petitions that have been brought before the Senate for recognition, and I have added a number of updates on where many of the petitions stand. In the coming months, I will provide more updates on other recognized petitions as they occur.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the many students that have created petitions and worked diligently to pursue resolutions for the benefit of the students. Additionally, thank you to my predecessors, Paul Ilori, Marcus Flowers, and Kyle Keraga, for working over the past few years to ensure that petitions continue to be heard and discussed.

Over the summer, the Senate Vice-Chairperson, Ellie Mees, and I will be working with each of the committee chairs and designated petition coordinators to ensure that progress is being made to address and resolve each petition that has been recognized by the Senate.

If you have any ideas that you think should be petitioned to the Senate, you can always create a new petition on!

I hope you all have relaxing summers! I look forward to keeping you all updated on student government during the summer, and I hope to see you all getting involved in the fall.

Justin Etzine
152nd Grand Marshal

Updates to currently-recognized petitions are as follows:

  • Preserve the Student Union:
    • In December 2016, the 47th Student Senate passed a resolution in support of a student-run Union in response to concerns over the wording of a Director of the Union job posting. This resolution has been included as an update to the petition, and can also be found here.
    • In January 2017, the 47th Student Senate passed the following report, expanding upon and providing data for the requests outlined in the “Preserve the Student Union” petition. This report can be found here.
    • Moving forward, the President of the Union, Matt Rand, and I will be working with the Division of Human Resources to continue pursuing the hiring of a Director of the Union.
  • Allow Students to Key into All Entrances of Their Hall:
    • In Spring 2015, Grand Marshal Kyle Keraga met with Dr. Jackson and secured support for the Student Senate to develop a plan to reintroduce multiple points of entry to residential facilities.
    • In Spring 2016, the 46th Student Senate passed a proposal from the Student Life Committee on this matter.
    • In February 2017, the petition’s sponsor, Harrison Leinweber, and I met with Vice President for Administration Claude Rounds and Director of Public Safety Jerry Matthews to discuss a plan for a pilot program for multiple points of entry.
    • As a follow-up, in March 2017, Harrison and I met with Director Matthews and Lieutenant Leslie Norton to discuss locations and details of this pilot program.
    • At the start of the Fall semester, we will be coordinating a walk-through with Public Safety to review the proposed pilot details.
  • Make Career Fair Day a Student Holiday:
  • Expanded use of EMPAC:
    • Though this petition was originally charged to former Senators James Whelan and Jessica Krajewski along with the Facilities and Services Committee during the 46th Student Senate, the Student Life Committee of the 47th Student Senate began a collaboration with the curators of EMPAC.
    • In March 2017, the curators of EMPAC presented to the Senate on their view on the mission on EMPAC. Moving forward, the Senate will be working with the curators to establish more opportunities for students to get actively involved in EMPAC events and programming.
  • Install Water Bottle Filling Stations around campus:
    • A reusable water bottle fundraiser was conducted in Spring 2016 to raise funds for installation of water bottle filling stations. Additionally, a weR Gold campaign was conducted to raise funds for installations.
    • As of May 2017, 5 stations have been installed around campus as a result of the project. They are located in the Union, the Folsom Library, the Alumni Sports & Recreation Center, Russell Sage Laboratory, and the Darrin Communications Center.
    • In the coming year, the Facilities and Services Committee will be working to obtain funding for additional installations.
  • Prohibit GM/PU Election Poster flood:
    • For GM Week 2017, the Rules and Elections Committee abolished the party system, which was viewed as a catalyst cause of the excessive amount of campaign posters during GM Week 2015.
    • Additionally, the committee emphasized that the limitations on “excessive postering” would be enforced so that other organizations could be able to post signs during the election cycle.

Note: this was originally posted to the RPI Reddit page, which can be found here.

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