Interested in Running for a Student Government Position?

If you are interested in running for a Student Government position, please refer to the Elections Schedule below. If you have any further questions, visit the RPI Box Repository for the 2017 Grand Marshal Week Handbook or e-mail RnE at!

Elections Schedule:

February 27th at 6pm: Begin Campaigning
Information Sessions (weekdays from February 27th to March 29th, not including Spring Break):
Monday: 6-7pm (SGS Conference Table)
Tuesday: 6-7pm (SGS Club Library)
Wednesday: 7-8pm (SGS Club Library)
Thursday: 6-7pm (SGS Conference Table)
Friday: 6-7pm (SGS Conference Table)
March 15th:
The Poly’s candidate information questionnaire will be available.
March 23rd: 
The Poly’s questionnaire is due and the deadline to sign up for an endorsement
March 25th and 26th:
The Poly will be doing endorsement interviews for GM/PU/UP candidates.
March 31st at 5pm:
Candidacy Forms, Nomination Forms, Preliminary Expenses Forms Due to Admin Office
Final Ballot Check
April 3rd:
Primary Debates (If needed, sponsored by the CDTA and produced by RPI TV)
The Poly releases their GM Week issue and candidate endorsements.
At 5pm: Updates Expenses due (if primaries are held) to Admin Office
At 10pm: Campaign Materials removed
April 4th:
Primary Elections (If Necessary)
April 5th:
Final Debates (sponsored by the CDTA and produced by RPI TV)
At 5pm: Final Expenses Forms Due to Admin Office
April 6th:
Final Elections
At 5pm: Service Hours Form Due to Admin Office
**GM Week is March 31st to April 7th, 2017**


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