Return of the Crossgates Mall Shuttle

Hey everyone!


Starting this Saturday, there will be a free shuttle service from the Union to Crossgates Mall and back. It runs from RPI every hour on the hour starting at 4pm until 9pm, and leaves Crossgates every hour on the half hour from 4:30pm until 9:30pm. There is also an extra ride from Crossgates to RPI at midnight, but there will be very limited seating available.


The shuttle service will be available on Nov 14, Dec 12 and Dec 18 – (the Friday that Star Wars comes out!).


Buses pick students up from the Horseshoe and drop students off between Dave & Busters and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and will have a sign-in form with the driver.

SLC is also currently in discussions with the school to find a way to permanently fund the shuttle, so it isn’t taken out of Union contingencies every semester, and the service will run more consistently instead of starting partway thru each semester.

Please contact Paul Ilori at ilorip@rpi if you have any questions.


Nov 14

Dec 12

Dec 18 – Friday that Star Wars comes out


4pm leave RPI
4:25 Drop off at Crossgates
4:30pm Leave Crossgates
4:55pm Drop off RPI

5pm Leave RPI
5:25 Drop off at Crossgates
5:30pm Leave Crossgates
5:55pm Drop off RPI

6pm Leave RPI
6:25 Drop off at Crossgates
6:30pm Leave Crossgates
6:55pm Drop off RPI

7pm Leave RPI
7:25 Drop off at Crossgates
7:30pm Leave Crossgates
7:55pm Drop off RPI

8pm Leave RPI
8:25 Drop off at Crossgates
8:30pm Leave Crossgates
8:55pm Drop off RPI

9pm Leave RPI
9:25 Drop off at Crossgates
9:30pm Leave Crossgates
9:55pm Drop off RPI

One Extra ride from Crossgates to RPI at 12am.

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