Since its founding in 1890, the Rensselaer Union has created a more dynamic student experience. Our Rensselaer Union is unique; it is the only student-funded and student-run union in the country associated with a private institution. The Rensselaer Union, managed entirely by students, supports programs and activities for over 250 student clubs and organizations, available to all Activity Fee paying members. The Rensselaer Union provides its members with the opportunity to grow as leaders, work effectively in teams, and to explore interests outside of their academics.

The Executive Board investigates, prepares, and approves the budget for the following fiscal year while administering, appropriating the current year’s funds. The Executive Board also manages the business affiars of any and all Rensselaer Union facilities, approves the hiring and continuance of all administrative personnel for the Rensselaer Union, and determines the classifications of new and current student clubs and organizations.